Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Charming villages of the Aegean 2 : Bozcaada

     "God created Tenedos so people could lead longer lives" said Heredotus. Bozcaada really is an extraordinary heaven with its streets adorned with oleander, begonia and honeysuckle. It features local wines, historical fortress, clean sea and warm - hearted people... 

  Bozcaada's Greek  and Turkish traditions have greatly influenced the island's culture.  Throug the island's longtime  Greek residents moved away, Bozcaada's Greek district still retains its original street plan and traditional Greek homes.  The Turkish district has a completely diffrent look and feel with beautiful mosques, narrow streets, fountains and hammams.

   Once you get to Bozcaada, all you may want to do is eat some divine local food, swirl some Turkish wine or rakı and relax on the beach or in a white - washed chair


    The island’s town center is divided into Greek and Turkish sections, referring to the groups who originally built the districts. You’ll see a mosque and Ottoman architecture on one side and an old church with a tall clock tower and white-washed houses like you find in Greece on the other side. 

  Bozcaada is known for its Turkish wines, so you can sample the likes of Talay, Corvus and Çamlıbağ in the city center.


   Try some of the amazing local food! The island's gastronomy reflects the culinary traditions of 500 years of Turkish - Greek cohabitation. 

  Çayır Plajı, Ayazma, Akvaryum and Tuzburnu Plajı, are also good places to take a dip in the crystalline water. 

If you find yourself in Turkey and you’re craving a taste of island life, make time for Bozcaada...