Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Ottoman Palaces, great mosques, fountains, madrasahs ... Those are generally well-known Ottoman urban architecture highlights but what about the village towns and countryside? Safranbolu is a very great example of traditional Ottoman town life with its 1125 houses listed in Unesco World Heritage Sites. Each house is constructed with a great respect to other houses view and privacy. House plans similarity is caused by their daily usage; for example kitchens and food storage are located on the first floor. In the past, the barn was also in the first floor to reach the animals easily and use their heat to warm up the houses as well. When you climb up to second floor, there is a common area for general use or welcoming guests. This section called “hayat” means life and totally matchs its meaning. The whole area is surrounded with rooms. Attic is used as cellar and also storage for some winter foods to keep them dry. 

Today, some of those houses are converted into hotel complex to let the visitors feel the atmosphere. Handmade cushions, embroidery canvases are primary decoration items. While you are staying in those types of old buildings or mansions, you should listen to the sounds of the houses. Every house has its own language with their cracking sounds of dilations and has a lot to tell. That cosy houses and the life that they depict will just give you a feeling of nostalgia as well as make you happy with delicious local foods prepared in a traditional way of cooking.