Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Charming villages of the Aegean 1 : Şirince

    When a group of room feeling the harsh living conditions of the City of Ephesus climbed the mountains, they discovered Şirince, a secret heaven. To keep its beauty a secret, they called this heavenly place "Çirkince"( Ugly). People from diffrent cultures and beliefs lived in peace and understanding here for centuries under the shadows of century - old trees. With plenty of valleys, waterfalls, vineyards and bird chirping, the village offers a fairy tale- like vacation to those who love peace and silence. Don't leave here without tasting the homemade fruit wine... 

Highlights of the Sirince:

  • Tasting the homemade fruit wine 
  • Visiting St Johns church which is being restored
  • Tasting olives and olive oil and buying hand made olive oil soap
  • Visiting the restored Orthodox church with fountain and statue of the Virgin Mary
  • Shopping in the  market street