Tuesday, October 6, 2015


   Winter is coming so we thought it would be nice to introduce some of flavours you might come across in Istanbul during the year's coldest months. These tastes are so much a part of Turkish culture that they don't just fill our stomach, but also shape our winter experience too. Below our some of favourites..

   Sahlep is special local drink containing gluten and made from grinding the dried tubers of the orchid,milk and sugar.After boiling,all the ingridients together, it is served with cinnamon powder and drinked as scalding hot. Traditionally it has the reputation here for curing digestive problems and gum disease as well as increasing resistance against coughs and colds.
   Another common drink as well is called ''Boza'' a fermented beverage made of maize,sugar,water and cinnamon powder while serving it. Boza is one of those very traditional drinks and it is typically sold in winter although it is not a hot drink It is associated with cold days because it has warming effect. If you want to taste those drinks,Vefa Bozacisi since its foundation 1876,is still the best adress in Istanbul.